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Pontiac Tripower Center Carburetor


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- These Are NOS New Old Stock Small Base Rochester Carburetors

- photos are of the actual style carburetor that you'll be receiving 

- Easily "CLONED" by the End User, to make into a

- 1959 > 1965 Pontiac Tripower Center Carburetor ***

- 1957 > 1958 Pontiac Tripower (use in all 3 positions) 

- 1959 > 1960 Cadillac Center Carburetor

- 1957 > 1958 J2 Olds (use in all 3 positions)

- 1958 > Chevrolet 348" Tripower Center Carburetor (use in all 3 positions)

- Correct 1.250" Venturi

(the largest cfm venturi in the small base family)

- Correct Jetting

- Correct True Tripower Base Plate

- Correct Mixture Screws

- Correct Front Fuel Inlet Air Horn

- Correct Hot Air Choke Housing

- Correct Choke Stat Cover 

- Because they have been sitting in RPD storage since 1966, They all do need to be taken apart, cleaned, rebuilt (or restored) before use **

- The nice thing about these, You are starting with a brand new - never before used carburetor... And ALL have the attributes noted above.

- We've built a bunch of these already, and They, Are, Awesome!

** Priced @ $250.oo EACH + UPS Ground Shipping

** No Additional Discounts Allowed With These Carbs

** Price Includes Correct Venturi Cluster / Booster

** We offer New Brass Floats @ $17.95 each

** We offer Our PREMIUM Rebuild Kits @ $49.oo each

*** Correct 1964-1965 Pontiac GTO Throttle Arm Avaialble from other sources such as AMES PERFORMANCE






Product Code: (0027A)Pontiac Tripower Center Carburetor


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