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Small Base Rochester 2G-2GC-2GV Carburetor Cores


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- Chevrolet - Small Base Rochester 2G - 2GC - 2GV 2-Barrel Carburetor Cores

- These are "Core Carburetors" that have been in our possession, in dry storage and use for more than 25+ years.

** these are the same cores that we have used when building and finishing our own custom carburetors

** unlike the shit we've seen on ebay, none of our cores have been laying on the bottom of a lake bed

** all shafts move freely 

** all have good air cleaner bridges

** all have the side fuel inlet (for internal fuel filter)

** all are the very hard to find and most sought after Chevrolet models - not the BOP models that nobody wants

** you are buying these with the understanding that these are used cores and ALL do need to be taken apart / cleaned / inspected / rebuilt or restored before any use

** you are buying these with the understanding that there are no warrantees or guarantees of use, implied, or included when purchasing a core, from any core supplier, anywhere in the world

** unlike others, we will not sell a core that has obvious damage on the outside (ie; to the airhorn or to the bowl)

** Smaller Orders Will Be Shipped By UPS Ground In HD Packaging @ Actual UPS Charges

** LARGE Quantities Can Be Shipped In Gaylord Boxes By Truck Frieght


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Product Code: (0026)Small Base Rochester 2G-2GC-2GV Carburetor

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